Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Informing airplain passengers about environment, a job for the industry or the government?

The travel industry should do more to inform consumers about the environmental consequences of tourism. That’s what Prince Charles was urging earlier this month. Why? Because they are to blame for all the carbon emission? What about other organisations that benefit from those passengers? Like goverments, counties or even the UK as a whole.

Airports are a big injection in the local and regional economy. For example we take Manchester Airport, there are about 19,000 people working there. The Manchester Airports Group in total gives a 3.2 billion boost to the UK. And an airport like Heathrow even offers jobs to 100.000 of people all over the UK.

And let’s also not forget about the millions of passengers each year that flow into the airport city’s. Buying food, drinks, souvenirs and catching a train or a bus to a further destination. All this makes a city very popular for business and transport, which will eventually produce a certain amount of profit for the government.

So Charles, think before you point. And if anyone would like to pursued me into another opinion? be my guest :)

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