Monday, 13 October 2008

The environment: benefitter of the credit crunch

Some people on twitter think the financial crisis is good for the environment. People stop getting on planes to often and stop buying expensive stuff - like cars - that are bad for the environment. But is so much true? That's what I wondered.

Well not entirely. Ryanair frontman Michael O'Leary even said the credit crunch was good for business. Also Easyjet appear to have no problems with the recession. But maybe that's just because those are cheap airlines? Over all the UK seems to deal with less people using the airports.

Ok, so the passenger numbers are falling, is there not anything else? Like people not willing to spend more money on 'green' stuff? Well actually not. People tend to not buy ready meals anymore, they are all going for real cooking at the moment. And that means less carbon emission.

Also Michael Sturges, operations director at Edge, a packaging consultancy, thinks the credit crunch eventually can give a positive swing to sustainability and peoples consciousness about the environment. "People are going to be more discerning about consumerism and waste", he says.

So can the environment benefit from the credit crunch? Possibly. The question is: what do YOU think? You are the person acting and possibly being more, or less, environmental conscious.

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