Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A few days ago I wrote something about the credit crunch being good for the environment. You can find a lot of people on the internet who will agree with me. On twitter Pam McAllister contacted me and she didn’t agree. She wrote her own blog from a whole different angle.

After reading her blog, I realised maybe my opinion wasn’t the whole truth. She made a very good point.

“The idea that a recession is good for the environment reinforces the idea that there are two conflicting goals. Economic activity and the well-being and prosperity of people, and a healthy planet.”
And than it hit me. She’s probably right. We shouldn’t see both things as separate goals that don’t go together. We should be able to achieve both at the same time, or at least try to. Or as McAllister says:

“Take the life-affirming stance that human prosperity and a healthy planet are linked together. Value both, rather than setting them in opposition. That’s attractive.”
I say: Amen.


Andre Weststrate said...

I wonder how and when you became so concerned about the envorinment-thingy? Not that there's anything wrong with that.... Couldn't agree more with Pam too by the way!

colinvanhoek said...

I didn't suddenly care more or less about the environment. But this is an assignment for school. I HAVE to blog about the environment.. :)

Andre Weststrate said...

Well, keep it up!

colinvanhoek said...

I will most certainly do. Hope to find some good topics. I have to (in general) blog with a preston/lancashire focus, and about environment.. going to spend this week on finding some interesting topics. Hope to show you next week ;)